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RESCUED! We need help! We were in less than poor condition!

Wednesday 13 June 2007 at 12:12 am

GREAT NEWS EVERYONE! We found a home. Right now we're on our first leg of our journey and are staying temporarily at another person's house until our new mommy can get us in the begining of July. Shirley went to get spayed today, so Laverne spent the night on her own in the new house. The picture below is of us out of the shelter and relaxing in this new and awesome place.:) We will let you know what happens with the next leg of our journey. Thank you everyone for helping us find a new home!



Hello there, our names are Laverne and Shirley. We’re two rabbits that came into the shelter in really poor condition. The day that we came in, a volunteer was asked to come into the room to check on us, but she had claimed that she didn’t see us anywhere in the room. That was because there was a large towel covering our cage and a ‘Please do not disturb’ sign posted on top of it. When she finally realized that we were under that towel, at first she was nervous because she had no idea what to expect. To her delight though, we popped our heads out and poked our noses out through the cage begging for some attention. She was quite confused about the ‘Do not disturb’ note but soon learned that it was because we were labeled as a “possible abuse case” situation and to be treated with great care. Delving deeper into our situation she discovered that we used to be outdoor hutch bunnies and given no food or water. Even worse, whenever we were allowed out of our hutch, a ribbon was tied to one of our hind legs to keep us in place. THEN, somebody said that we seemed a bit dirty, and we were hosed down and drenched in water. So when we got to the shelter, we were soaked, severely underweight and had injuries to our ears and parts of our bodies. You would figure with a past like that, we would be completely terrified of everything! However, we simply just wanted some lovin’ and was ecstatic to see the volunteer open our cage to give us some attention. We kept sniffing and sniffing her and couldn’t get enough of her pets even when she was checking out our ears. Then she placed some greens and this wonderful oat hay in our litter box and WOW, we just gobbled everything up! For the next few weeks, each day a rotation of people would come into give us the same treatment and we were pleased as punch! In return for the greens and the hay, we calmly let these humans pet and groom us and check out our injuries. Now, because our shelter is getting full, we’re on the ‘watch’ list for euthanasia. The way we look, we aren’t really your normal cute fluffy bunny to look at. Our ears are a bit mangled and we are still trying to get to our normal weight. Again, despite our injuries and our not so pleasant background, we are really friendly and love human attention. The volunteers who work with us are now incredibly anxious to find us if not a permanent home, at least a temporary home because they think that we need this chance to live. Is there anyone out there who would accept us for who we are and know that if we are loved, we will reciprocate in kind? If so, please call Donna Jensen, House Rabbit Society/Burrow Inn representative at (650) 994-1012 or via e-mail at OR you can contact Jennifer Lee, House Rabbit Society Educator in training at (650)255-6764 or e-mail at Please help us out, our time is running out.

ten comments

could you plese tell me what kind of bunnies these are that have the damaged ears?
Carlette () - 14 08 07 - 14:14

wow i have bunnies and if my bunnies were ever abused like that i would not know what to do this is so sad and lately i have been ignoreing my bunnie and avoideing it i kno now that i should pay attention to him well if u need help to find homes for these bunnies email me and i can take some in and i kno my family will too
audrey norton () - 07 10 07 - 09:27

Hi,I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of bunnies these are. thank you.
Michelle () - 22 01 09 - 18:36

I am so glad you where able to help these bunnies! By now they should be nice and cozy in their new home :) And for the other posters wanting to know what kind of bunnies these are, they look like Heinz 57’s!
Ali (URL) - 25 07 10 - 16:06

Thanks a lot setting up the blog. I’ve been exploring your site for some time and found it’s great.
panic away review () (URL) - 12 09 10 - 22:18

Thank you very much for sharing this post about RESCUED! We need help! We were in less than poor condition! Keep posting!:)
Rabbit Cages () (URL) - 06 04 11 - 05:04

I hope these bunnies are now fine! thanks for those people who were able to attend their needs! thanks for sharing this RESCUED! We need help! We were in less than poor condition post! keep posting!
Large Rabbit Hutches () (URL) - 12 07 11 - 04:54

Congratulations for rescuing these poor little bunnies. BTW, thanks for sharing this RESCUED! We need help! We were in less than poor condition post. I hope they are all fine now.
Indoor Rabbit Hutch () (URL) - 21 07 11 - 04:49

Great post about RESCUED bunnies! I hope these bunnies who are in less than poor condition is now fine. Thank you very much for sharing this post. keep up the good work!
Large Rabbit Hutch () (URL) - 21 07 11 - 05:07

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