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  • Southern California Rabbits Being Trapped and Killed!

    Urgent help needed for 300 to 500 bunnies in southern California. Companion bunnies, not wild bunnies, abandoned in a park are being killed by locals and will be destroyed by overwhelmed animal shelter (they are trying to help, but the number of rabbits is so high).

    Local rabbit rescue groups do not have enough permanent or foster space and need help immediately to save these bunnies. Anyone able to adopt rabbits to live indoors (think of them as being like cats that hop; litter trainable and want to live inside with the family), or even temporarily outdoors please contact us at 909-591-7200 or email to help.

    The rabbits are located in Orange County but we will find a way to transport them to anywhere in Southern California, and even other rescues across the United States. PLEASE contact us straight away.

    Thank you,

    Caroline Charland
    (909) 591-7200

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